Anaka Maurits



Anaka Maurits is a boutique floral design company founded by Jordy Maurits Dolleman and Marla Anaka Burkhardt.

The couple met in Amsterdam while they were both studying at the University.  Jordy, who is originally from Holland, was studying Dutch law and Marla was on a study abroad semester from The New School.  On one of their first dates, Jordy took Marla to his home town of Den Helder, Holland to see the tulip fields.  Little did they know that soon after graduating, their paths would lead them to the flower market on 28th street in NYC (where those exact tulips are sold) and they would discover a shared passion for floral design.

Their company specializes in weekly floral installations for corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and residences.  Anaka Maurits also specializes in weddings, events and urban landscaping.  With nearly a decade in the floral design business, Marla and Jordy have developed a unique and elegant style with a keen eye for detail.  Whatever your design needs may be, Anaka Maurits will exceed them with exceptional design and superior quality.